aus-ultimate news

Hello Australian ultimate community,

Really exciting news!!┬áThere is a definite commitment from the AFDA, as well as the nominated host of Div 2 Nats next year (QUDA) to ensure the creation of a women’s Div 2 Nats next year.

This provides a really really exciting opportunity for a new pathway in women’s competitive ultimate, and what’s even better, many of the teams and leaders we have already consulted are strongly in favour of making it happen.

We want everyone with a stake in this to feel like they have a chance to voice their opinion and hear what others are saying. There are a few key issues that need addressing:

1) whether it should happen (again, the overwhelming feeling from initial conversations has been yes)

2) if it happens, whether it should accompany a changing of the women’s division at Div 1 Nats at 12 teams (proposed by the AFDA as a way to raise the calibre of both events)

3) if it happens, whether the event should take place in Brisbane, in tandem with the men’s event, or whether it should take place in the place where there are likely the most teams (ie Melb or Syd).

If you would like to weigh into the conversation, or even just hear some of the arguments on both sides for 2 or 3, please respond to me (not to the distribution list) and you’ll be able to join the conversation. Please note, we would like to have a definite location and format established by the end of the month, in order to aid clubs in planning their season.

Please fwd this through the channels you have (especially unis!), as many players are not on this list.

Thanks, and wooooooooo Div 2!
Nicky Smith