PUL 61 is starting on 15th March till 24th May 2017.

For this new season we have taken a slightly different approach.

1. Fees – Payments for all fees is due in week 1.

– If you committed for the full season it is $45 for FEAR members and $65 for non members + $5 Shirt hire
– If you are a casual player who wants to play for the team but can only commit to 3 games or less in the season it is $21. If you play more than 3 games you will need to pay the balance of $24 for FEAR members or $44 for non members at the 4th game.
– If you are new, we suggest to start as casual player and upgrade to full player at week 4, if you want to continue.

Our preferred payment method is bank transfer into our FEAR bank account:
Account Name: Fear Ultimate Disc Club
BSB: 306042
Account Number: 890918
Please quote your name and PUL 61

If you want to pay cash, please see Gareth or Regine and please request a receipt for your cash payment.

2. Registration for the FEAR team with AFDA

The Fear Club has to pay for every registered member $65 to AFDA, hence if you register for our FEAR team on the AFDA website you are liable for the full season fees of $45 for FEAR members and $65 for non members, payable at week 1.
If you are a casual player (3 games or less) please do NOT register.

You can register here:
Note, some players (Camille, Stan, Aaron, Alex) have been registered automatically, if you do not intend to play the full season, please notify us ASAP, so we can get you removed from the list.

3. Registration on our team list in TeamStuff

This website/app is used for the weekly games and training to manage attendance. This is a FEAR internal list and is not related to fees.

If you have been registered previously you just have to use the link below to login to TeamStuff and then register yourself on the new Team PUL 61.
If you haven’t been registered previously you can use the link below to set up a new account (free of charge) and then register yourself on the Team PUL 61.


Every player is required to register on the PUL 61 team so we can manage the weekly attendance.

If you have problems with the registration, please let Regine know and she will assist.
For newly registered players: after registration please go to My Profile > Settings > Notification Settings > check the settings for Trainings and change them to be notified for training. Games are automatically set to notification.


4. Training

We are back to running a weekly one hour training session either before or after the game depending on game schedule. Trainings will also be listed on TeamStuff and is compulsory,
so we can learn all together and progress in our game.

Training will commence on Wednesday, 8th March 2017 @ 6.30pm. Please register on TeamStuff and note your attendance for the training.

If you have any questions on the above, please contact Regine


Fear Committee