News from WA Ultimate for PUL 57

Fixtures and results can be found here:

The fixtures can’t be updated until ALL teams submit scores. The system works on a “swiss draw” this means games are created based on weekly results so it is vital that games scores are submitted online by 5pm each Thursday. Do not create extra work for your volunteer League Director and make him chase you. If scores are not submitted the next week of fixtures cannot be worked out. The direct link on on the fixtures page or it can be found here Results Sheet .

Spirit: Unsure how it all works? It is important, it does matter and it is the very foundation this sport is built on. Be the positive example to your team mates and opposition players. Attached is an awesome cheat sheet – complete with examples so you can accurately provide a spirit score. A “2′ is NORMAL – if the opposition goes above and beyond, as per the examples then you can move up. If they display less than ideal behaviour again, site the examples then you can move down the scale. LOW and HIGH scores are flagged so ensure that you do provide examples to help us protect SOTG for the Perth Ultimate League.

To enhance SOTG we suggest getting your players rules accredited. The are a basic and advanced levels on offer here:

Communication is vital – learn the hand signals so everyone knows what is going on! Help sheet attached.

League Rules can be found here:

Policies: All registered players are subject to Association policies, check them out here:

Payments are due by round three!
This is transferred as a FULL TEAM payment via EFT. League fees are set at: B Division League = $60 per player. Juniors U18 are $50. (11 week standard team league) Payments will ONLY be accepted as a team payment via EFT. Example: A “B division” team with 10 senior players will need to pay one payment of $600 (10 x $60)

Bank Account Details Account Name:
WA Flying Disc Association
Account BSB: 306-031
Account Number: 419873-3
Reference: Team Name and number of players

Payment must match exactly as per your roster – send an email if there are issues, if it doesn’t match perfectly and no explanation is received then your team will not be recorded as paid and forfeits will be recorded.

By round three you need to ensure you full team is registered here:

Who to contact? Details on fixtures and general game concerns should be directed to the League Director, Ryan Black, via

Please contact the Executive Officer, Anna Haynes, should you have any questions relating to payments and sorting out any casual players for your team via

All captains can be found on the AFDA website if everything falls apart and you have to forfeit/worried about player numbers then send an email, everyone appreciates early communication,

Need a pick up, looking for players, want help then hit up the Perth Ultimate Community Facebook page.