Welcome to the

Fear Ultimate Disc Club

FEAR is an Ultimate Disc Club based in Perth, Western Australia

We play regular on Mondays in Media and on Wednesdays at the UWA Sports Park in Mount Claremont.

If you are interested, please contact us or join us on Facebook for the latest news.


BUFF 2013

The sixth annual BUFF - Beach Ultimate Furious Fours -  returns for 2013. Where: Leighton Beach When: Sunday Feb 10th, 8:00am to 1:00pm Cost: $15 per player - includes insurance, fruit, water, shade, sun, sand, surf, and a SPECIAL GIFT! Format: Mixed 2M-2F, max roster...

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Merchandise – Christmas SALE!

We're having a limited-time SALE on FEAR branded merchandise - just in time for Christmas. Discs - $10 for members, $15 for non-members (normally $15/$20) Shirts - T-shirt (regular playing shirt), white or green - $18 / $20 (normally $20 / $23) Sleeveless (Bali...

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Div-2 Nationals – CALL FOR PLAYERS

Men - FEAR is planning to send an Open division team to Div-2 Nationals in Melbourne on the weekend of April 13/14, 2013. All males interested in attending this event should register their interest by sending email tofear@waultimate.com. Training sessions, selection...

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AMUC 2012

FEAR is competing this weekend at AMUC2012 - the Australian Mixed Ultimate Championships - being held in Perth.  The tournament will be held at UWA Sports Park in Claremont. We're playing on Saturday at 11:00, 13:30 and 15:10, on Sunday at 10:40, 13:20 and 15:00, and...

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Chocoloate Fundraiser

The club committee has been discussing running a chocolate drive as a fundraiser for all members of our club over the past 12 months. And now here it is……. Please have a look here at the various options available, guess how many boxes you are able to sell (and the...

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2012 Annual General Meeting

The club AGM is scheduled for Wednesday 8 August at 7:40pm at UWA Sports Park, directly following the league games at 6:30pm. We have requested that all FEAR teams be scheduled the early game so we can conduct the AGM immediately after. We need as many members and...

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Phoenix Team 2012

The mixed team for Phoenix 2012 (and hopefully Mixed Nats) has been selected. Congratulations to all players who made the team, commiserations to those who missed out. Males Females Baker, Steve Hughes, Hannah Canci, Mick Johnson, Sue Griffin, Leif Kueppers, Vicki...

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Call for players for Mixed Team 2012

The FEAR Ultimate Disc Club calls for players to nominate for a position on the mixed team to compete at the 2012 Phoenix and Mixed Nationals events.  Nominations must be received by 31st May 2012. Note that Mixed Nats 2012 is to be held in Perth. If you wish to be...

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Development Plan release

The latest copy of the development plan has finally been released ! Feedback from the original development plan discussion document was incorporated, and the content rearranged a bit, but the essence of the document has not changed much from the original discussion...

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New Development Plan

The club would like to establish a new, updated development plan incorporating new goals and a well-defined development pathway for ALL players. The immediate development goals of the club are to enter at least 1 mixed team at Phoenix (pref 2), and then enter this...

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