It’s time to start thinking about Mixed Nationals in October 2013.  This year the event will be held in Canberra from October 25-27. FEAR aims to send a team to this tournament, we’re looking for players to join in.

Your current skill level is not as important as your commitment to train and play with the rest of the team.  You must be willing to commit to skills training on Sundays, fitness training twice a week, and playing on Monday pickup and/or Wednesday league. Or at least as many of those for which you can practically attend.

The team will compete together at Wednesday league, as well as entering Phoenix (naturally) in September and other local tournaments over the next 6 months.

Total financial committment is expected to be $150-$200 for Mixed Nats tournament entry, PLUS flights to/from Canberra and accommodation, plus entry fees for the other misc tournaments during preparation. Fundraising activities will be organised in order to reduce these costs somewhat, hopefully in the order of $100-$200 per player.

Please register your interest ASAP with anyone on the FEAR committee – bakes, MJ, Gareth, Scott.  We’d want to get an idea of interested players by31st March. You can also ask any of these people any questions  you might have.