The 2015 AGM will be held sometime between 1st Aug and 7th Aug – exact date TBC. Whilst in the past we have held the AGM on Wednesday nights after league, the current league format may make it difficult for some people to attend.  The options we have are:

– Wednesday night during ‘A’ league – some members may not be able to attend
– Tuesday or Thursday night
– Saturday afternoon

Please provide feedback on which of these options can work for you. For the Tue/Thu/Sat options we could incorporate a dinner (or lunch on Sat). Typically the meeting does not take very long.  Depending on how many players who wish to attend are playing in A league, we can ask Candace to rig the draw so that Fearsome play at 6:10, then we can have the meeting afterwards, then the ‘A’ league players will play after that.  Or something similar to that anyway.

Please send your prefs to me NOW as I have confirm the date this week.

If you have any items you would like to add to the agenda please send them to me or to Leunga.

I will not be taking a committee position myself this year, so we will be looking for a new club president.


It seems that there is not enough interest to continue weekend practice sessions, so they will be suspended for now. They may be re-introduced at some time in the future. For those people who were coming along, thanks for your support.


It’s not too late to get your entertainment book / app. The books cost $65 each and contain vouchers worth thousands of dollars that you can use a restaurants, cafes, and heaps of entertainment venues around the city. You just need to go to dinner twice over the next 12 months to get your money back. There is even on online ‘app’ version!  Contact Andrew Leung if you want to get a copy of the book. You can directly purchase the app by going to

If you know anyone else that might like one of these books, please pass on the information. Selling lots of books helps us raise money for the club, which we give back to our members as league fee discounts, cheaper merchandise, etc.