The pool and fixtures for BUFF 2013 are shown below.  Games are 17 minutes long (reduced from 20m due to heat), format 2M/2F, with subs.  After the 17min  hooter blows finish the current point and STOP.  If you haven’t finished when the 20min hooter goes. STOP.

Pool A
Pool B
Choke On Disc Butter Monkeys
Mandurah Mozzies Curtin
Moon Doggies Fetch
Ninjas HP Boracay
There Queen Growl Me
Useless Anatomy Red Rover

Due to the extreme heat and that some teams have too few females, some 3M/1F points will be allowed.

Pull must be inverted. 2 points for Endzone-to-Endzone scores. Note that the goal line is NOT part of the end-zone.

Round Start Finish Field 1
Field 2
Field 3
1 08:00 08:17 Choke v Useless Mozz v There Moon v Ninjas
08:20 08:37 Butter v Rover Curtin v Queen Fetch v Boracay
2 08:40 08:57 Useless v Ninjas There v Moon Choke v Mozz
09:00 09:17 Rover v Boracay Queen v Fetch Butter v Curtin
3 09:20 09:37 Mozz v Useless Moon v Choke Ninjas v There
09:40 09:57 Curtin v Rover Fetch v Butter Boracay v Queen
 CotUDFR 10:00 10:30  Champion of the Universe Dreamer Flag Race
4 10:40 10:57 Useless v There Choke v Ninjas Mozz v Moon
11:00 11:17 Rover v Queen Butter v Boracay Curtin v Fetch
5 11:20 11:37 Moon v Useless Ninjas v Mozz There v Choke
11:40 11:57 Fetch v Rover Boracay v Curtin Queen v Butter
Finals 12:00 12:17 3rd
A2 v B2
A3 v B3
A4 v B4
12:20 12:37 9th
A5 v B5
A1 v B1
A6 v B6
12:45  Presentations

 Subject to change.
We’ll try to reduce time between games wherever possible.