The Perth Ultimate League is the cornerstone of the Perth Ultimate Community. We want to ensure that PUL provides everyone with the opportunity to play some great ultimate at the level they desire AND we want PUL to continue to grow.

The League Sub-Committee has been working hard to find a way to meet these goals. Based on the feedback we received in our recent survey we would like to announce some changes to the structure and format of PUL. We envisage that (barring any major issues) this will remain in place for the rest of the year whereupon the sub-committee will re-evaluate.

Change to format:

The league will now run with 3 mixed divisions (A, B and C) of 8 teams each. Instead of teams choosing a division the first three weeks will be grading (Swiss-system) which will be used to place teams in each division.

We have made this change so that teams have the opportunity to play more games that are relative to their skill level. It also gives teams the chance to build themselves up over the long term and work towards playing at a higher level (if that is what they desire). Each team will be asked to indicate which division they would prefer to be in and this will be used in the case of ties.

Schedule: Grading will run for 3 weeks, round robin for 7 weeks and the last 2 weeks will be finals/placing.

Rules knowledge: As of next league each team must have at least one (1) player with advanced rules accreditation and at least four (4) team memberswith standard rules accreditation.

Fees: Player fees will remain at $65 per player for each division. If a player would like to play on two different teams in two different divisions they will be charged an extra $50, however if that player is playing in a team in A division and is also helping a team in C division, they will only be charged an extra $30. Each C division team must only have one A division player.

In addition to the PUL changes we are also working on developing a Perth Single Gender League which we plan to run on Sunday afternoons. More information about the Perth Single Gender League will be released once the details have been finalised.