The 2007 AGM for the Fear Ultimate Disc Club (FUDC) is now re-rescheduled for the19thof September 2007, at 8.30pm right after PUL.  It will be hosted up at ballens office in the Hockey Stadium, at UWA Sports Park complex (McGillivray Oval).

Agenda is as follows;

Review of last 12 months
Treasurer’s report

New club constitution
Membership fees.
WAFDA club affiliation requirements

Club goals for the next 12 months (growth, hosting a tournament, attending tournaments, etc)
Election of office bearers
Other General business
A draft of the new club constitution was posted to the FEAR Yahoo Group, you can find it in the archives. Input and suggestions welcome prior to the AGM.

Nobody wants the meeting to drag out for too long, so we’ll get through everything as quickly as possible – however we do want to get input from all members on any issue that they want to contribute on.